One day when we were working on our nutrition labels, we realized that calories per serving and serving sizes could be a bit confusing, even for those of us who actively read labels and ingredient lists. We had already tackled putting badges on our bags to help consumers find ingredient and nutrition information more easily. Now we needed to tackle calories.


We decided the easiest measure for anyone to use would be cups. We all use cups for measuring, whether you are making smoothies, baking cakes or filling a bowl full of popcorn, cups are easy! Then we put the calories per cup on the front of all of our Boomchickapop bags so you could be fully informed of the calories per cup when you pick your favorite flavor.


The FDA and industry standard 28g serving size for popcorn drives the nutrition panel. As you can see above, cups per serving size varies based on flavor and ingredients which impact the density of the popcorn thereby making one serving size a bit different from another. Yet another great reason to include calories per cup. You decide how much you want to have and you know how many calories you are getting. We sincerely hope you find this as helpful as we did when we were working on our packaging.


Happy snacking!


- Angie’s Popcorn


For the standard Nutrition Panel click on this link then click on the product name.